iPhone Image Issues: Deleting Texted Pictures

iPhone Image Issues: Deleting Texted Pictures

The image appears as a thumbnail in the Messages app, allowing you to view it without opening the full conversation thread. However, even if you delete this thumbnail from the Messages app, the actual image file remains stored in your Photos app.

To truly delete these images from your device, follow these steps:

Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
Find the conversation containing the picture you want to delete.
Tap and hold on the picture until a menu pops up.
Select “More” from this menu.
A circle will appear next to each message within that conversation; tap on all circles next to any pictures you wish to delete.
Once selected, tap on the trash bin icon at bottom left corner of your screen.

Confirm by tapping “Delete Message.”

By following these steps, both thumbnails in Messages and their corresponding images in Photos will be permanently deleted from your device.

It is important to note that if you have enabled iCloud Photo Library or My Photo Stream feature on your iPhone, deleting an image only removes it locally but not across all devices connected under same Apple ID account unless manually deleted there too.

Another option for managing photos received through text messages is using third-party apps specifically designed for organizing media files like Gemini Photos or CleanMyPhone. These apps can help you identify and delete duplicate or unnecessary images, including those received via text messages.

In conclusion, deleting pictures from text message conversations on an iPhone requires a few extra steps to ensure they are completely removed from your device’s storage. By following the outlined process or utilizing third-party apps, users can effectively manage their photo libraries and free up valuable storage space. Apple could consider implementing a more streamlined method for deleting these images in future iOS updates to enhance user experience and reduce confusion surrounding this issue.Video Voyage: Recovering Deleted Videos on iPhone 5

In today’s digital age, capturing and storing memories has become easier than ever before.

With smartphones like the iPhone 5, we can record high-quality videos of special moments in our lives with just a few taps. However, accidents happen, and sometimes we accidentally delete these precious videos from our devices. But fear not! There are ways to recover deleted videos on your iPhone

One of the most effective methods to retrieve deleted videos is by using a data recovery software specifically designed for iOS devices. These programs scan your device’s storage and search for any traces of deleted files that can be recovered. One such software is Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (iOS), which has proven to be highly reliable in recovering lost or deleted data.

To begin how to deleted texted pictures on iphone the recovery process, you will need to download and install Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) on your computer. Once installed, connect your iPhone 5 to the computer using a USB cable.

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